Have Your Customers "Tap In" To Your Business


Did you know that millions of people are using NFC every day in store or on the street to interact with some of the largest brands in the world?

How would you like BluQuest to use the same technology that the largest companies in the world are currently using to build loyalty, brand recognition and revenue? We specializes in providing cost effective and engaging NFC marketing campaigns for businesses just like your yours!

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What is NFC?

NFC tags (Near Field Communication Tags) are small wafer thin stickers with a digital chip that we encode that can perform different types of marketing actions!

NFC is meant for a physical touch, which is required for a transaction. These stickers can be placed anywhere and by simply tapping a phone on these stickers, we drive clients to your digital content with complete tracking.


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Benefit From Advanced NFC Tools And Platforms To Build And Manage Your NFC Marketing Campaign.

How Do They Work?

NFC tags are stickers that contain little microchips that can be programmed to make a smartphone perform a certain action when the phone and tag come in contact. NFC tags can be placed on virtually any surface but work best in conjunction with print and other online promotions.

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NFC Enhances In-Store Customer Engagement


Tap For A Facebook Like

Users tap an NFC tag and get to ‘Like’ your Facebook business page, then they are redirected to the URL of your choice.


Tap to Tweet on Twitter

Increase social media engagement with Twitter by encouraging people to tweet or @mention your business with the tap of an NFC tag.


Tap to Check-In

Increase social media engagement by allowing people to ‘check-in’ at your business location by simply tapping and NFC tag.


Tap For SMS Opt-In

Increase customer loyalty and engagement by combining NFC tags and SMS text message marketing.


Tap To Download App

Increase app downloads with NFC tags. When your customer taps an NFC tag they are automatically sent to the app store to install your mobile app.


Tap To Visit Website

Customers tap your NFC tag to visit your website, landing page or review site to help increase customer engagement.


Tap For SMS Opt-In

By tapping their mobile device to an NFC tag, customers are sent to your coupon page to ensure that they take advantage of your special offers and increase the success of promotional campaigns.


Tap For Youtube Video

Create exciting promotional campaigns with NFC and YouTube. With a tap on your NFC tag customers get to a promotional video where they get privileged info about your business or special promotions.


Tap To Dial Number

Increase your callback ratio for print and direct mail campaigns by having your customers tap your NFC tag; their phones will then auto-dial the pre-programmed telephone number.

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